"Be in balance"

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"Recognise universal connections"

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"Free thinking"

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Manfred Luef speaks at health events, theme evenings, trade fairs, health hotels and many other locations.

Extract from references:
NÖ Seniorenbund
Gesunde Gemeinde Navis
Gesunde Gemeinde Schäffern
Apotheke Lebensbaum Salzburg
Energiezentrum Hallein
Erwachsenenschule Angerberg



Who likes to listen?


Questioners, self-thinkers, self-responsible people, balance-seekers, horizon-expanders, holistic thinkers, sense-seekers, over-acidified and tired people, lovers of natural law, cosmos-observers





Dr. F. Schöller

"Valuable lecture"


A. Herrmann….

„…a wake-up call
and so likeable…“


M. Aßhauer

„„…solutions with
a holistic approach...“