"Be in balance"

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"Recognise universal connections"

what to expect inquire now

"Free thinking"

what to expect inquire now


Topics and what I offer


Lectures for „Paths to health"

The contents

  • promote self-responsibility,
  • present the human being as a holistic being,
  • allow true causes of diseases to be traced,
  • show aids for natural deacidification and immune strengthening,
  • show personal paths to health,
  • encourage people to rethink and
  • let us understand the key to happiness



From body to spirit or from spirit to body?


Let go


New ways of thinking


Positive moments


Dissolving of acids – Letting go of the old
Neutralising of acids – Realign thoughts


Kraftvoll auf dem Weg sein
Literatur "Wege zur Gesundheit"




What are our biggest worries and how do they determine our lives?
Can I not get rid of this? Which thoughts are more important? If I imagine the worst, then it carries on after that… The concerns are thus put into perspective. So what is more important now, how do I shape my tomorrow?
What can I change today and now? What is my goal and why is it my goal? Is it important and serious enough to actually make me happy? If not, it is probably not yet the most important goal.




Today I am alive and I know my next goal. Working towards it makes me happy.
The consequences of my actions guide me to my goal – so I choose mindfully.
„My thoughts become words, my words become deeds, these become my actions and thus my habits.
My habits build my character and that in turn determines my destiny“ (from China).
Today is important! What am I doing today?


Sunny disposition


I start the day joyfully because I determine my goals myself. I get up in the morning to work towards my next goal. That inspires me in everything I do. I am grateful for my experiences and adventures. They let me learn and show me how I can improve in many things and what I enjoy doing. What gives me joy spurs me on.
I can create whatever I want. Perseverance, patience and trust help me.




What gives me strength and stamina every day? What is my innermost motor? What makes me swing happily in the laws of nature?
A good start to the day gives me strength and a goal before my eyes lets me move purposefully towards it.
I enjoy every day because it is important today.